Danny Smith

this is the funky little tab that failed. i don't think it was constructed to handle engine vibration

this is the funky little tab that failed.  i don't think it was constructed to handle engine vibration
Danny Smith, May 28, 2010
    • coax1ogsking
      Dan, was this the only mount holding the fender on? What about the arms that get bolted over the axle?
    • Stan4d
      Coax.....looking at his other prictures the "arms" are still there firmly in place, they are also wrapped around the axle causing the tire wheel to collapse.
    • blueovalguy
      Stan, I don't think the tab failed, it was ripped off when what ever caused the front fender to wrap around the wheel. I have a Huffy and the same thing happed to it except I was not running a front fender. I was only using the fender brace. I had my speedometer cable wire-tied to it to keep it out of the spokes. There's something going on here
    • Stan4d
      blue.....you may be right, but if you look at the other pics, the "arms" are still there. I do agree that something else may be going on but from the pics that is what I see. The fender braces had no support and wrapped the tire. Or the fender braces rubbed the tire and caused the tab to rip out....then wrapped the tire. Chicken and egg argument. Lesson is: nothing on the front wheel. Agreed?
    • Danny Smith
      no guys, the tab failed, i saw the top of the fender flapping from side to side before i hit the pavement
    • gforcepdx
      thank you so much for this eye opener... posts like this can save lives.. well done. what was your speed when it all went south on you?
    • Stan4d
      For a moment of levity.......Danny, is that really a full 18 hole brick at the bottom right of the picture? I used to call those "Golf Bricks"....
      Back to the subject....if that fender was not there, then the bolt hole for the offending tab would be a great mount for a secondary brake....same on the rear fender. Hand brakes plus coasters is twice as good.
    • Danny Smith
      i guess i was goimg about 20 mph
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