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    Hi there

    I just got my 80cc Bike kit 2 days ago, I forgot to put the clutch in and tryed to ride my bike and it would not move and draged it abit around, then i saw the clutch was not tight enof , but i can't seem to find a way tighten the cord it keeps slipping out of my hand before i can screw the little screw tight so it does not slip out? How do you do it ?

    Here are the other questions i have

    1. My carb is leaking now what caused this , its dripping ever since i tryed riding without the clutch in.

    2. I am not a Mechanic and i put this together, But could this engine blow up? or is it dangerous to use if you don't know fully about it.

    Is there any acticles about installing the clutch properly?

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    search MBc, everything you just asked has been answered. when you run into a problem, that's when you ask for clarification, in the existing thread 8)
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