3000w cyclone paired with kelly controller won't work. Well it did for a min...

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by dschreib, Apr 24, 2014.

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    I purchased from turbobikekit.com in Greece, a 3 chain, whatever that means, 3000w 72v conversion kit. This comes with the connecters all different, so that there is no way to mess up the connections from the motor to the Kelly controller part. Apparently Cyclone made that part easy for me. Problem is, that when it ran for a minute, it was noisey, and vibrated. I tried reprogramming it, with the controller still plugged into the motor and may have twisted the throttle with the power on, which I later read that I cannot do, printed in red ink. So now nothing happens at all. not even the audible ark sound which I used to hear when attaching the battery. Does anyone out there know anything about these that can help me figure out what to do next?

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    Your best bet would be to go to http://www.endless-sphere.com, they have more experience with electric powered kits. Haven't seen too many electric builds on this forum.

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    having blown various speed controllers in the last week...

    much better to make your own...

    PWM, all very easy to implement, 3000W isnt too excessive...

    current feedback? safety interlocks? wha? KISS!
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    You don't 'program out' vibration and noise, that is all in how you mounted the motor.
    Kelly controllers though great and I use them, are notorious for playing dead if you program them wrong.

    Go back in and reset the Kelly to the defaults and only change 1 thing at a time and check the result.