4g trans belt pulley question

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  1. cdavid67

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    Hello all,

    I have been doing tons of research on this site while preparing for my build. I am a bit concerned about the one way bearing failures on the 80 tooth belt pulley.
    I think I understand it correctly that because I have the 5/8 shaft HS 49cc engine, it comes with the 80 tooth, one way bearing setup.
    Did the older tapered shaft use the 100 tooth fixed pulley with the inner chain pulley having a freewheel mechanism?
    If this is correct, should I consider (or can I) convert it to the 100 tooth style?

    Thank you

  2. travboat

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    As far as I know, you can get a 100T with or without the freewheel bearing. Let me tell you though, I just took my very first ride on the thing, got it home and turned the engine off no problems... I JUST tried to fire it back up for another ride, and I'm pretty sure the bearing is shot. It might be better to get the HD axle kit and have the bearing welded. I can't find anyone with the solid 100T kit.

    If you find a solid 100T, let me know!
  3. cdavid67

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    Thanks Trav. I think you're right on that one. I actually have a HD freewheel axle kit being shipped to me as we type! ... and a neighbor who welds!!
  4. travboat

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