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    All the years I've worked with fine tools and never heard this one. I keep my pet treasured tools in a gunsafe with a dessicant canister inside. Keeps them rust free even the cast iron parts and it's in the basement.

    To prevent rust from forming on tools in your drawers or tool chest, all you need is a block of camphor and a plastic film canister. Camphor is available from pharmacies in segmented 2" x 2" blocks. Just drill a few 1/4"-diameter holes in a canister, stick a quarter of the camphor block inside and cap it.

    Store one of these little canisters wherever you keep metal tools. The camphor fumes form a molecular film on metal surfaces that retards rust. A quarter block lasts about a year and will treat several drawers or a whole toolbox. When the camphor smell disappears, you'll know it's time for a fresh piece.

    - Joe Morgan; Portage, Wisconsin

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    Ha! My Matco Roll-A-Way can be Eucalyptus scented..... How wierd and cool too!
    Thanks for the tip, some of my larger sized, rarely used, combination wrenches are starting to show a bit of rust. I used to wipe them down with a used, oily rag just to keep them coated and protected. That hasn't happened for a while now.
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    I've got a natural spring flowing thru my basment, will try!

    I forget what the active ingredient is in the water absorbing canisters (that fill w/ water as the chemical disappears), damp rid, I think? But you can get the same chemical much cheaper at the pool store! Make your own canister!

    Also, as a rust remover, "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner contains a serious acid that supposedly works well to remove rust cheaply. Careful tho because it will create hydrogen and other harmful gases when in presence of rust.
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    Another good rust eater is a 50/ 50 mix of vinegar and lemon juice. Soak the parts overnight or longer, and wash the residue off with HOT water and dish soap. Immediately spray down with WD40 or dry and paint to prevent flash rust.
    The good part is the waste liquid is all natural, just don't drink it!