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    Hello to all motor bike enthusiasts,I hail from the great state of Pennsylvania in the northeast corner of the Pocono mountains.

    Ive been into motorizing bikes now for about a year and half and I am currently on my 3rd creation. I still am waiting on a few upgraded parts to finish it , a nice bike kickstand that goes on back wheel and also a 36 tooth sprocket. And Im on a mission to find two ammo boxes to mount on the rear bracket to finish this build off.

    I wanted to keep the front clean of a gas tank so I "hid" it in a carrier bag on the rear rack,which I feel kinda looks ok. Will look better when the ammo boxes get mounted .

    Im a professional welder and I posses many metal working tools so building bikes is a joy for me whenever I need to modify any bike part to fit , which seems to be quite a few to make a smooth ride. I built the muffler pipe out of 1/2" conduit and bent it as needed and it turned out pretty close to what I had envisioned. And also made a nice chain stay welded to the frame which works well.I was going to weld the sproket to the rear wheel but it seemed the rear wheel was to cheaply made to do this and the fit was bad so I stayed with the rag joint for now,But I do plan on trying that someday.

    Anways this site has been alot of fun to read and look over and I have gotten many good ideas from it so far.

    Thank you and enjoy the picture.

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    Can't believe nobody has welcomed you yet.
    Welcome and you bring valuable skills to the MB world.
    See if you can send us all some larger pictures of your rides.
    Don't be a stranger .
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    Welcome Hurricane
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    Thanks gentlemen,I do have some nice mods I made up that i will try to get some photos for you to enjoy. My stuff is not to beautiful but it is always functional.

    One thing Im interested in making is a gas tank that will fit the bike I have pictured. Ive seen some that are very functional and works of art when they are completed.

    Sorry I could not get the "clickable link to work, but here is a larger picture on my build.

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