Air filter



Hey, does the air filter get treated in oil or is it supposed to be dry. Also, does anyone have any ideas on an alternative to the stock air filter? The one that comes on it is cheesy.
a little oil probably wouldn't hurt it any, just be sure to clean it every now and then. I have a nitro RC car, and they say to oil the filter and clean it every now and then. I assume it helps keep out the finer dust and such.
davidsis, this is my solution to the cheesy original air-cleaner:

further down someone posted a link to several more similar alternative homemade air-boxes.

i've since installed a larger piece of briggs & stratton air-filter foam, but i've kept it only a bit thicker than the can feel the flow, it rocks 8)

i'm guessing a bit of oiling would prolly help with finer debris, but i don't do it...i'm hoping the newer and better foam will take care of it.