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    Hey guys, I have a problem with my bike's muffler. The muffler is directed into the pedals, causing them to jam up. I was going to bend the pipe at the top of the muffler to fix this but i'm not sure how to do this. I am planning on opening the bend in the muffler about 30 degrees out (it would go from acute to obtuse).

    I have a friend with a tourch, he said we can braise it and then wack it with a hammer. I really don't want to compress the pipe and i was looking for any pointers. My muffler does not come appart, it was sent completely welded together.

    Any tips or pointers are extreemly appreciated. I was thinking of going to a shop to get it done, but anyone knows where i can buy a muffler which has a larger angle, that would be awesome. The engine i have is the 80cc from www.bikemotorkit.com

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    don't bend it on the bike...you will break the engine
    put it in a vise and heat it cherry red, then bend it the way you want
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    Hi Artik..Had the same problem and hated the way it just pointed down paralell with the frame....Had a bright idea...I took it to a Muffler Guy and had him cut off the flange / attach an "C" shape section and weld it on then re attach the flange to the new section..IT COST ME $35 AUS...It now sits nicely under the motor / clears the pedals and looks more like a muffler..its neat and I think it looks proportional to the motor and as I dont like those long extended mufflers it gives the bike a custom look but not a ridiculously long exhaust..Have just got it done so I dont know how it sounds yet.

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