Building a 4-stroke bicycle

Is that causing this on my belt? Bare in mind I have not ridden the bike yet. Just running the engine a couple of times.

Is that causing this on my belt? Bare in mind I have not ridden the bike yet. Just running the engine a couple of times.

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It looks like that roll pin is on the toothed part and fairly short, so it shouldn't cause that.

But see if you can tap that roll pin flush.

Edit - it's an allen grub screw, don't tap it.
I found the issue guys. The front mounting screw for the protective cover is threaded in enough to make small contact with the belt.

I took the two mounting screws out, and added washers to them so they thread into the mount adapters, but don't thread in too far, and make accidental contact with the belt.
You can see the impression this has left on the belt teeth if you look closely. No big deal. It won't hurt anything. The correct way would be to use a shorter set screw if one is available. Don't forget the LockTite if you change it. I would not bother to.
Well my only issue now it getting the face plate perfectly.

When I give the engine some throttle. The gears or belt seem to be making small contact with the faceplate.
That's a GREAT idea Jerry. I was surprised to see more damage on the backside than the front. But here's a bigger mystery..........Let's assume the diameter of the 20T pulley is one inch. We know it's a little larger, but it's OK for illustration purposes. The circumfrance equals Pi x D with Pi being 3.14 What this means is (assuming only one set screw) each time the pulley goes around it makes an impression on the belt and the distance between contact points is going to be 3.14 inches. That is definitely not the case here as the picture shows. Take the belt off and see how many set screws are in the pulley. If there are two directly across from each other the distance between contact points will be 1.55 inches. Unless there is something in between the teeth of the large pulley I believe this to be a used belt that has been damaged previously. Your thoughts.......................................
get that set screw flush or it's gonna ruin the belt in short order

Yeah I know the damage on the OD of the belt was caused by something else, but that set screw will soon start chipping away at the belt teeth on the ID and your belt will be trashed in a short time

Get a new belt anyway it's already compromised