Carb and throttle cable

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    I saw a thread a few nights ago where someone had outlined how to install the throttle cable in the carb with lots of pictures (this is a DAX 70cc).
    Does anyone have a link to that?



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    check your installation guide.
    It does show it.
    Not too hard.
    Just remember to keep the slotted washer on top of the E-clip.
    And when you put the slide assy back into the carb make sure the slot in the slide lines up with the little nub in the carb.
  3. Rob_E_Rob

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    Installation guide? I didn't get one of those with my kit. I am just winging it and going by what I have read here.
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    you can download a guide from or most other motor stores
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    Here is Dax's instalation page; Pg 3 has great pics to help you. Can be daunting, trying to figure out that bazaar lil setup. Be sure to get the little brass barrol lined up with the guide inside the carb. If it sticks up, you will go insane trying to screw the top on. hehe, don't ask how I know and I still forget.

    Printing em out will save you a whole bunch of running back and forth.

    post lots of pics of your new Baby!
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