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    Hey all, I'm matt and have built one motorized bike so far with a friend of mine for his use. I am joining here seeing as I will be building one for myself shortly. We used an ebay kit on a vintage schwinn frame. Its a great bike, will post a video and pictures soon!


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    Welcome to the forum Matt! Can't wait to see the pictures and video!
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  4. BonusParts

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    I'm not sure where my posts went, but I am trying to find the pictures i've got of the beast!
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    Here are some photos of the build and bike :)

    original paint

    me standing by after primer

    fork painted

    my buddy matt (who its built for) working away

    pile o parts

    frame and fork painted

    Two finished pictures:


    hopefully these all display and i'll work on that video!
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    I should mention, i've GPS clocked it at max speed of 39.3mph. What a little rocket bike. Cannot wait to get started on my bike. Planning to use a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 kit.