Clutch clutch squeak

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  1. danmarjon

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    What to do about a squeaky clutch? is this a lube issue or an adjustment issue?
    kinda imbursin when you kill the engine and try blend in with pedlers on a bike trail and its squeekin like crazy!! funny though

  2. blue 48

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    i found that my plates and pads were glazed. so deglazed them using sand paper and a flat surface. being cautious about taking too much off each side. worked a treat:) grabs better on startup now:idea:
  3. Goat Herder

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    The clutch actuator side is dry. This is the left side of the engine where your clutch cable goes.. The rod and ball need grease. They can shriek when dry. Take the left cover off and put axle grease on all the moving parts. There is a rode and ball that goes into the center of the sprocket. Put grease there too. Do not loose that little ball! This is where I think your squeak is...
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  4. danmarjon

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    thanks goat, Ive done that and thought I fixed it but it didn't last long, so maybe I'm using the wrong grease?? its very annoying,,. only squeaks when clutch is disengaged and its fairly new, as am I, have not taken clutch assembly apart yet to check pads but Ill keep that in mind
  5. Big Red

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    Clutch Rod.

    Hey Dan, Once the clutch rod starts chewing itself enough to squeak, it will keep on chewing itself untill you smooth out the end of it. Make sure there's no rough edges on the shaft. You can use a very fine file to do this. Then grease it up again. If it gets too short you can either make a new one, (out of a grade 8 bolt with a smooth shaft on it thats long enough, and the same diameter.) or just order one.
    Big Red.
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    thanks br, I've greased it again and its quiet now but I'm sure it'l be back, I'll look at the pin closer next time
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    Thanks , iy worked for me too !