East Central Indiana ride & cookout

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    I spoke with Jim Cherry, the Director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, today here in Muncie,IN. I have approval to use the camping facilities at the 1100 acre National Flying Site and we can use the AMA as a launching point for a 14 mile ride around Prairie Creek Reservoir. 5.5 miles from the AMA my employer, Indiana American Water owns a nice lakefront property where we could cookout and have a campfire and even tent camp. I rode the route today and the roads are in decent shape, some w/ new pavement. As an AMA member, interested parties can camp there for $15.00 per night as my guest. If interested, please post here so I can get some firm numbers back to Jim. I'm thinking mid-late June. This entire ride is semi-rural w/ no heavy or fast cager traffic.

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    I live in Nap and you could count me in...

    Was beginning to wonder if there was any other Hoosiers on
    the board. My # is (317) 670-1514 and my name is Carter
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    Great Carter! I pm'ed Steve in Ft. Wayne a while back and he said was interested as well. I want to have fun and help promote this hobby in a positive way.I'm inundated around here with interest. People following me home, calling me over at stop signs and coming over everyplace I park to gawk and ask ?'s. They're blowed away when told the HS/Felt gets 145 mpg! Will keep this thread updated. I was hoping for at least six mb'ers before firming up w/ Jim at the Academy. Thanks!
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    Sounds great! I have another buddy up in Lafayette who actually makes MB's on the side as additional income. I KNOW he'd be game. I'll let him know about this thread and hopefully we can get this thing blueprinted.

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    I went to Motorbicycling to post this and saw where AcmeMotorBikes is sponsering a Rally & Race during June in Central Ohio which should be a Blast so I think we should postpone this until Fall. Will keep you all posted and Thanks for the interest.
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    id be up for this, im west side of indy