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Ok you guys heres what I got . It's a Heinzmann 870-00-151-2030 and it has this on the label n:217/min. M max 45 nm
I max:33a
p:500 w In: 18 a
u:36 v Betriebsart S 2
20 min
Can anyone explain this unit to me as far as what its capable of and is it a good one. Can I change from SLA batterys to the new kind? Whats involved? can I just add more Sla's in series to extend the range ? Its running on two 12 v 12 ah bats now .Can I double that? Thanks for the info Tom


According to the (u:36 v) I would assume it requires another 12 v Battery. It will run on 24 v but nothing like it would do on 36 Volts.
According to the (500 w) I would assume you need a 500 Watt, 36 Volt controller and a third 12 Volt Battery, in order to get the maximum power out of it. Yes add one more battery of equal Amp Hours @ 12 Volts and run them in series. Positive to negative to positive etc. Ya, make sure it is SLA (sealed led acid) just like the other two.
Hope this helps.
Oh- make sure your controller is capable of the 500 Watts.


Hey Doc, How can I tell if the controler is up to the 500 watts change? Is it going to have spec's on the case ( I haven't pulled it out of the battery box yet cause they hot glued it in place or something like it ) By the way I added a bike computer speedo to the trike today and it ran at 12 MPH free spinning and will do 10 on flat ground.... TOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOW for me or the lady. My 86 year old mom might like it for a glide down the boardwalk but other than that its too sloooow for us and has to be upgraded. What about the metal hydride batterys or the newer Lion or whatever they are ? Would they help it go faster? Thanks T


yup, should work. 18 amps x 36 volts (nameplate rating) would be 648 watts. Even have a little to spare. I've never had one, but those hub motors are usually described as the Cadillac.



Jan 16, 2008
I have never personally driven one but as posted above. they are said to be the cadilacs out there.. expensive for sure..

the motor will handle 36v, but the controller may not like that, would need more info on the controller.

If you go from 24v to 36v, the speed will go up.. but you need a 36v charger. ( or seperate the 24v and 12v for charging with 2 chargers )

Most of the Heinz motors are internally geared so they provide good power from a dead stop.

If you are interested in selling it or trading for a crystalyte kit.. send me an email !