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    Here are a couple of pictures of my third build..using 2 engines (not totally complete..I need to strip it down and paint the frame, and add a tensioner). The first was a mountain bike that I drilled a hole in the frame to hide the wires. That frame split in two, then I took that engine off and mounted it on my son's chopper...not for me...:rolleyes7: I wasn't sure if I wanted another mountain bike or a cruiser, but found this cruiser in a thrift store for $20.00. It had the seat that I wanted, which alone cost $24.00 at China Mart aka Wal Mart. At least when I'm standing and straddling the top bar, my jewels are not crushed as the mountain bike stood a little tall for me. One problem I found was that I didn't want to over torque the engine mount nuts, and after riding, due to the engine torque, my engine would lean to the left. Here is my solution in the 3rd and 4th pictures. By the way still in break in with 70 miles, and having a ball.

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    Looka good!

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    Al. , Thats A Swell Idea, Even Before You Have Problems. I Looked At Map Quest, You Are To Far Away To Visit. I Was In Nashville In August, Did Not Know Of You Then. Ron
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    I visit Pensacola quite often as I'm an avid fisherman as my name implies. I was just down in Navarre week before last. Have many friends there that I've met from the http://www.pensacolafishingforum.com/fishingforum/Default.aspx