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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nevada, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Nevada

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    I finally finished my Jake Bike build today. I took my time and built it over a 4 month period. Very minor upgrades at this point. Head and block, bolt kit and air filter from sick bikes, automotive grade fuel line and filter. Milled rear sprocket and hub adapter and machined alum sprocket. Self fabricated gas tank hold down straps. Rear coaster brake with front regular squeeze rim brakes with upgraded race bike disk pads. She stops like a champ. I'm running opti 2 oil in it at XX:1. I put about 6 miles on it today with no issues whatsoever. I went for a couple of rides on my motorcycle earlier today, so I'd best guess I hit 30 with it today. After break in I'll put on the sbp expansion chamber. Eventually if I'm pining for more power, I'll beef up the lower end of the motor and get the compression to a level where it'll perform without detonation on V.P. Racing 110 fuel. This list could go on, but I want to have fun with it and have it sane enough that I feel safe with the wife riding it. I gotta say too. She's been awesome and really supportive of me with this whole project. I'm a pretty lucky man.


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  2. Nevada

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    I thought I would have gotten something. "Nice job", "Cool colors", "Looks like crap", something..........
  3. lillback44

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    Congrats Nevada! Not everyone can put together a nice bike like that. You can be proud of yourself!
  4. dchevygod

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    I like it good job! Personally I would paint that raw motor a flat black with exhaust paint and mount up your pipe also flat black. But you know to each there own. Still looks nice "for a kit, I'm not a kit kind of guy".
  5. butterbean

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    When referring to the front brake, what do you mean by, "race bike disc pads"?
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    It's a nice looking bike.

    That's gotta be a 29 inch bike, right?

    I've come to crave one of them. A 26 incher is just a bit small for me.
  7. FurryOnTheInside

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    I think the "disc" was a typo. They're soft compound pads. Note the natural latex-looking tan colour. :detective:
    Might help his fancy red paint last longer.

    God help him when it starts to flake off and sticks under the pad. :sweatdrop:
  8. butterbean

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    Actually, the paint will last longer, the pads won't. Paint shreds soft pads, and hard pads shred paint. He needs to either remove the paint that's there or buy unpainted rims, unless he is cool with replacing his pads about twice as often as he should.
  9. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Yeah I wasn't saying the pads will outlast the paint, but the paint will surely end up stuck to whatever pads the OP is running when it flakes or as it wears.
    If the rim wasn't machined with a braking surface then the join may be what shreds the pads. I've never actually run a rim brake on a painted rim (and I never will!). Of course I don't know how much milage or what sort of speeds he'll be doing of course so it could take a while especially if he doesn't ride on gritted roads.
    I agree it would be wise to sand the paint off and clean up the join. There's one other option though- it looks like the fork has a disc brake mount, so a disc hub laced into that rim and an Avid BB7 disc brake would be the best upgrade if budget allows.

    Sounds like I'm trying to build his bike for him. >_< Yes yes, and horizontal stem, straight bars and a low slung custom tank lol.
    It may not be my kind of thing and I may sound like I'm criticising but it is a nice looking motored bike already, and at least he's got one. ;)
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