First post (but I've been reading a LOT)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by taureanirishman, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Well hellllooooooo!!!!!!:dunce:

    Hey all! Brian here, joined up a little bit ago but have been reading and reading all your suggestions, thoughts, updates, improvements, etc... for the last 2 weeks and decided I'd actually become an active member on here.

    Got myself a 80cc HT to play with (PK Stealth w/ the slant head), mounted to an older Schwinn mountain bike(stylishly sprayed bed-liner black). Once it's running (will post problems elsewhere) I'm still going to be taking the thing apart as most of us seem to do on a consistent basis!!!

    Little things are FUN to play with darn it!! And so much cheaper than a car too!!!!

    I'm located outside of Portland Oregon, in a town called Beaverton(home to Nike & Intel, and good mustard).

    You'll be hearing from me soon!


  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    Good to hear, you got the readreadread suggestion down, lol. You're right, these things have been put together and taken apart so many times, most of it covered in the archives. Hope you enjoy and ride safe.
  3. Welcome to the forum.