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    Seems I need more brakes! what kind of brakes would I use for the front schwin springer fork? do they make centerpull brakes for a 26" beach cruzer anymore?

  2. I'm gonna be using a side pull off of an old BMX bike. Since my fender is in the way I'm also going to use the newer brake shoes that's a bit wider and the mounting screw is a bit longer so it should clear the fender.
    I'm actually going to do this tomorrow to my Schwinn which also has a springer fork and I'll have some pics loaded up.
    Stay tuned.
  3. Well I did it. Pardon the dust. I haven't ridden my Schwinn since I built Moop. I'm getting a Titan for this bike so I'm gonna put front brakes on this puppy.
    Picture 1.jpg
    Here's my side pull assembly I actually took it off my old school Huffy girl's 26 inch bike. The BMX side pulls may be longer yet but it all worked out in the end. Notice the new school pads how if you need to clear your fenders you can bring the pads closer. This is much more range than the old school pads this brake originally came with.
    Picture 2.jpg
    The springer bars completely get in the way. Your gonna need to take this dawg apart and put it back together on the bike. You can try to put it in there as a whole. I'll give you a dollar if you can.
    Picture 3.jpg
    Check it out. Not only does it fit,I got room for the pads to spare! I also was able to get the washers right for I needed not to bring the pads all the way down.
    Picture 4.jpg
    Here's my donor bike. I've pretty much stripped this Huffy. This go around I took the front brake and the lever.
    Picture 6.jpg
    Plastic Huffy lever on my bike. I didn't have to remove my grip to get it on there. How does it look?
    Picture 7.jpg
    Here's my left pad.
    Picture 9.jpg
    And the finished assembly. The fender squeezes slightly when the lever is engaged. It's really not a big deal. Brakes are as good as side pull brakes get but the new school pads help it all out.
    Now for my titan. 10 more days and counting!
    Picture 8.jpg
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    I went with a front drum brake for my bike that has the Schwinn-style springer fork. That's the more costly way to go, but it looks good and there's no possible interference between the fork and the brake, as is possible with a caliper brake. I have a front caliper on my Western Flyer, but I don't have a suspension fork of any type on that bike. I found one that has a wide radius, so it clears my fender with ease.