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    I have had a golden eagle engine mount for a year and a half.I have this weird rumbling and grinding feeling when ever I speed up.I figured out that it was the axle being bent because of the extra weight applied to it.I have replaced it once from a steel to chromoly-(maybe steel) axle and it has become bent again.I would like to know if anybody knew of a metal alloy that can be used as a bolt in axle(not for sure about pitch,diameter size,ect.) that can flex with the addtional 35 pds of weight if going over small bumps or sidewalks without bending,thanks.

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    do you have a solid axle or one of those quick disconnect kind???
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    golden eagle mount

    Sorry for replying so late didn't realize pepople replyed very fast here.
    It is a solid bolt axle.
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    just in case...

    sparky...any time i get a rumbling "feeling" with my golden eagle, i know i have a worn gear, worn belt, both, or the tensioner needs looking at. mount bolts can loosen, engines "twist"...get too far off with the alignment and you'll get some's the edges of the belt look?

    edit: can you show some pics & give more detail on your setup?
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    What might be stronger depends on exactly what you've already tried. If you could post pics that would be helpful.

    Alternately, you could look at putting on a spring-suspended seat of some kind. That's not quite easy and cheap to do, but it would take a lot of the shock-loading off the wheels.
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    golden eagle mount

    Yes,I will try to post pictures soon.I have not on this site to much but will try to,thanks.
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    I will try today or tommorow at the lastest to post some pictures.