Google Maps adds 'bike directions'

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    Can't really vouch or say how good this will be yet but........

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    Ill meet you in San Diego.... much closer
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    Does Google Earth have it too?
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    Google Maps: Routes for Bicycles

    Hello, maybe it already been covered, but Google Maps now provides directions for bicycle route instead of just cars, buses, or walking. Of course use your own knowledge of traffic flow before using its directions, but I thought it would be good to share this in the travel and commute section.

    Here's the link:,-122.319717&spn=0.24778,0.44014&t=h&z=11

    Opps: Just noticed a previous thread about it, has anyone found that it provides safe routes?
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    I have used Google bikes several times. It is helpful and can help plan a route, but it does make mistakes.

    Some of the roads that it reccomends are poor choices. Sometimes it will put you on a sidewalk along a major road - not good for motor bikes. And it often does not realize that bike trails have many connections to roads at various points. Bike trails can help you get around dangerous traffic choke points. I don't use my motor on trails, but the trails can make good connections.