GREAT light for our bikes, can be run off of USB power!!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ua2pants, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. ua2pants

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    I hope this post works as I haven't posted much on here, but am planning to.

    This site has a lot of very cheap lights that are fairly well constructed and have extremely bright results!! This light can be used with USB power packs that you can get at walmart, or if you wire up a female USB port from the white wire (2 wires = one on white and the other to ground) will give you a nice amount of power!! And at 900 lumens, this thing is crazy bright!! Insanely cheap as well!!

  2. butre

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    Not a bad price for an attractive unit with decent brightness, but I'm not sure USB is the most sensible way to power something that moves. If you're handy, USB is 5 volts. You can rig up a voltage regulator and whatever 5v or better battery you can get a hold of to work.
  3. Fabian

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    I am not sure that it's such a good deal because you don't get a decent lithium battery pack with the light.

    By comparison SickBikeParts sells a bike light that produces 1,200 lumens, but it costs around $70. Thing is, you get a proper high output long lasting rechargeable battery pack.
  4. ua2pants

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    That is true Fabian, but I'm the kind of person who loves making things and making things work, I plan on getting two usb emergency cell phone chargers that are 4,000 mah each and soldering them each together in their own enclosure with a dual usb plug running both batteries with a half wave rectifier to charge it off of the wire wire. Dual usb as I plan on hooking up a tall light and front and back turn signals all from high intensity leds.

    If all goes as planned, this will be a self contained light system that is bright and doesn't draw much power.
  5. ua2pants

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    It may not come with a battery pack which is a slight downside, but you can get those emergency cell phone battery packs that are 4,000 mah from Wal-Mart and places like that for around $20 and I'm sure it would work out pretty good, or if I hook it up to the wire wire through a rectifier and everything to make it work that way as well
  6. Fabian

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    That is a completely different situation., where pride of construction gives more joy than the purchase of an off-the-shelf product.
  7. darwin

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    If you use the el cheapo lights they work best to use 2 at a time. Point one down like a low beam, the other pointed like a high beam. You can see the road in front of your tire and then anything hanging low like a tree branch to hit your noggin. Don't ask about the tree branch, just say I was lucky I was wearing my helmet. Rechargeable AAs save you some money too.