Greetings All From THE Left Coast...... Fellow Strange Motorbike Junkie$ !

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    Well Here I Go Again !

    This all began many years ago at 15 with a Garelli Mosquito 38B Then a Bike Bug,Next a Sears front wheel drive engine,Then a Solex,Honda P50 Motowheel,Piaggio Ciao,MX5 And a really cool and weird UK made POWER PAK,see pictures!

    And NOW a Sachs Spartamet 301 E Start Motorwheel Cyclemotor.

    So where oh WHERE can I get Sachs parts for it and make it run? Need a carburetor,fuel tank and related mounting hardware,battery pack and related electric start parts,all it has is the attached starter with the red and black 2 wires. And Yes.... I am aware of EVILbay ! Thanks All !........Fast Fred !

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    Welcome to the forum! Did you try ebay or a google search?