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  1. Phill

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    Hi all,

    thought i'd introudce myself.

    i've only recently heard about this new wave of motorising bikes and i'm totally up for it.

    i love tinkering, and love bikes.

    at the moment ive got a chna girl kit on order, but my nice aluminium framed mountain bike is probably a bad idea, what i'll probably end up dong is finding a cheap compatible cro mo frame and swapping all the hardware over.

    being in the UK, im not sure how the police are going to find my little creation, but screw trying to go through an SVA and tax the thing. it entirely defeats the object.

  2. Welcome! from sunny Southern California. I like the way you think. I'm sort of a renegade Whizzer guy myself.
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    Hi Phill. I know we talked already but welcome to the forum. :D
    It's impossible to register a vehicle without a VIN# so your only option would be to buy an old moped and "customise" it with a new everything except the VIN# lol. Approved tyres are available somewhere (I read on here but forgot cuz it's not my thing) but expensive, wider than bike frames generally accept, and ludicrously heavy. It would be a difficult but perhaps not impossible task to make your motor assisted bicycle road legal.
    I'm pretty certain that the cops, at least in built up areas, would impound your bike immediately then destroy it, and charge you with the offense of driving an unregistered vehicle. :(
    If you only ride off road where crossers are permitted, or on private land, and don't post videos of your riding on public roads all over your facebook then of course it should be no problem. :)
    I'm hoping we can get some sort of club/scene going one day so please join the UK group on MBc! (it's totally inactive atm lol)
  4. The UK, if I'm not mistaken is home to the Albion transmission. They were used on Whizzers. Old, rare & out of production for many years. I want one so on the off chance you should run across one. Please let us know.
    I would love to motorbike some of the beautiful roads I've seen in pictures of the UK. Get it legal & ride on!
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    You love to tinker and you love bikes?

    Then you'll fit right in. You've come to the right place.
  6. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Sorry to cut in..
    Wondered what's so special about Albion gearboxes so I had to Goggle it.. Albion Transmission is a business in Yorkshire, lol! :jester:
    Albion gearboxes, some have 3 speeds and reverse which really is unusual! What do you see these on besides old Whizzers or is it just old Whizzers? Have you tried fleaBay, the UK version? Just put [dot]co[dot]uk at the end rather than [dot]com. You should make a thread about it. :)
  7. butre

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    On the subject of vin numbers, my uncle is a chopper guy and one trick he taught me was to buy a cheap junk motorcycle or moped with a vin already on it, cut off the part of the frame with the vin, and attach it to the shiny new chopper. I'm not too sure how legal that actually is but it's worked for him for the past 40 years.