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    A former Harley ('90 FXST), Suzuki ('85 GSXR 750 - first year CND) owner including a multitde of dirt/mini bikes/karts before that, I'm excited to join this group and look forward to cruising on an environmentally friendly 4 C.I. of rolling thunder ... i've been given a large frame doner mountain bike (would love a stretch cruiser if this works out) and plan to mount the 66cc EPA engine i bought from boyGoFast on ebay to ease the trails of the ottawa river for the 25km (0.6km / mile) commute (one way) I occasionally ride. Like many here i assume, paying $500+ for an electric assist is out of my budget... paying $2K for a 50cc scooter is off the scale more ways than one.. sure legalities are in question, someone has to protect the auto/insurance industries but at $4-5/Gal ... im hoping to be as stealth as possible and hope the EPA version will be quieter... future dreams include having something like a velomobile for cold/rainy/windy/snowy days ...

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    That other province (to the west of you) has a pilot legal-MB project going. To see if they can be integrated safely and properly. I guess that's the reason.

    Maybe Quebec will give it a shot as well.

    good luck
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    Quebec is pretty progressive compared to Ontario, at 14 yrs of age Quebecers can drive 50cc mopeds... Im not surewhat they say about something home-made...Thanks for the welcome...