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    I inherited a bunch of stuff when a relatives Schwinn shop closed down in the 80's.One thing I got was a 70's Peugeot junior 10 speed, soooo that's the heart of the build.Note, if I didn't have the forks to cut off I wouldn't have had the proper attachment arm that would clear the engine, they had to be removed, and fit perfect with the FD bracket.It's about $30 total (not including many hours of time), everything was around the farm I needed except for a few fittings and rope.It was designed with the idea of being able to throw in backpacks/duffel bags and trash bags filled with AL cans.Holds a full sized guitar and small amp easy as well.Dig the Peugeot sticker, I just had to mask it off before hack painting.Repurposing at it's finest.18lbs unloaded.
    Rusty old bike
    20" front BMX wheel
    Industrial brushcutter handle
    Lawnmower handle
    Chainsaw blade
    Wooden outdoor chair arm
    1/2" CPVC and fittings
    EPP wing beds covered in gorilla tape and painted with shoe-goo
    Super light Al tubing from a swiffer handle I found
    Plastic grid backing to house air filters (wheel skirts)
    Liberal use of nylon and stainless zipties/epoxy/shoe-goo fillets/ and super glue
    Assorted nuts/bolts/washers
    One package of nylon 124lb rope
    One can flat black krylon

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