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Not sure if anybody has posted about this vendor before. But their selling quality work on Minarellis done by Don Butler. I just personally tried to reach out to them regarding their engines for sale. Sales of Minarellis state he buys directly from DLH Preformance for SAF Clutchs. I tried purchasing from DLH last month and my transaction was flagged from my finacial institution. Doesn't seem certain DLH Preformance is in works with other vendors and people modifying motors given they have little to no stock left on their site for their custom machine cut plates. But it seems certain these are some good oldschool options.

This is a Google pic of his street address complete with his mailbox with Gru-Bee inc. right on the "ain't" saying a whole heck of a lot to

I think he is trying to say he is not that user friendly and wants to be left