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    Hey everyone , I'm here in minnasota and I wish I joined just to trade storys . But unfortunatly I have a problem , a couple of months ago I bought a helio 4 stroke "superbike" . Frist of all I love the bike and mainly got what I thought I would . But the power is killing me granted I weigh 270 lbs but my old 500 watt eletric bike could kept up with this one . engine runs great and it has the EZM transmission which I knew would take off slow . But it cant take any hill and maybe 15 to 20 on a long strech of flat road . Sorry to whine on my frist introduction but Im about to shop for wider pedal sprokets to get around. Any suggestions ?

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    Bobby...I'm PatrickW and a staff member her at MBc, and am glad to meet you. I don't know what engine you are running, other than it is a 4-Stroke powering an EZM Trans. Once you have it installed, I would think that all of the performance would be in the gearing...at least that is the way it usually works. I regulate mine with the final gear take-off the gearbox (a Staton 18.75:1). For power, I find the 13 tooth gear is just fine [+/-30 mph]. If I want speed, (with less vigorous take off) I put on the 18 tooth gear take off and it is not the first machine off the line, but it will run at [+/-40 mph].

    So, you can see that as long as your engine is running correctly, the rest is all up to 'gearing'.