Hello from Erie, PA

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    I'm Andy.
    I'm Kinda new around these parts, so, if someone could just point me in the right direction from time to time, I'd be thankful.

    I ride a OP Roller (one of two) with a Grubee Starfire engine kit.
    She has the "works" (well, not really, yet). Dual caliper brakes, Gallon tank, dual headlights, flasher rear.

    I'd love to upgrade...
    Springer front end with disc brake, hair pin saddle, worksman wheels with sprocket adapter, long tube exhaust (possible dual exhaust), better handlebars, charging system with blinkers and brighter lights.

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    sounds like your hooked.....
    and this is the right place for us motorized bike junkies enjoy.........and good luck.