i need to order those dang hd tubes tonight

what i mean is, my problem hasn't been punctures, it's been the tubes tearing on the sides. i've lost 4 tubes in the past week.
Yep I addressed that
If you tubes keep ripping you got an issue with your rim, tire or maybe your not setting the bead correctly or over inflating
The rubber at the bead can become dry and sharp if the tire is old
Ah, I gotcha. Yeah, I decided to work on the rim today. I got some premium cotton rim tape and replaced the old Amazon special that was in there. There were also a couple of spoke nuts that were Rusty and jagged from parking outside, I tried cleaning them up a touch with a little 400 grit. I cleaned the rim out really good with brake clean and put it back together with another slimeless no name Amazon tube. So far so good, but I only went on a slow bicycle-speed rip through the neighbor hood about 4 miles.

I have one of those heavy duty slime tubes in the mail from Amazon so hopefully between those 2 things it should hold air!

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Now THAT is an inner tube. Hand for scale

I get why they stopped selling this at Walmart, you'll never buy another one again, bad for business

They don't last forever
Don't forget, when you replace that HD tube cut the skin off so you can double up your next tube
I hate car companies cheaping out on littlw stuff like that. Did you hear about GM making scissor jacks with plastic?
Plastic can be incredibly strong. Auto makers are doing everything they can to save weight. Lastly, in order for that jack to be sold with the vehicle it has to meet all of the same standards the cheap stamped sheet metal ones do.

I have a set of plastic Rhino ramps I have owned for 12 years. Still holding up great and I use them regularly.

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