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    Hello fellow gas misers,,I'm Glenn61 and I live in NW Miami-Dade,,,,,,,I like to ride my bike to work Mon-Fri and park my Chevy truck to save gas.

    I have a high performance Subaru EHO-35 friction drive engine kit on a Rally M-20 mountain bike.

    In the mornings sometimes when I head in early I will pass the super stars,,,those guys on their 3-4 thousand dollar bikes, decked out in their neon tights, pedaling at about 24 MPH ,with their butts up in the still morning air.

    I breeze right by them at over 30 MPH and love to see the looks on their face as they try to keep up.......:cool:

    I'll be posting here with pics and performance tips with my bike ........................Glenn61
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  2. fastboy9

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    That must be a good feeling flying past those cyclists! Look forward to hearing about your bike, sounds really cool.

    And about the whole ermm hobby's thing, just remember this is a family friendly forum ;)

    Welcome to MBc

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    Thanks fastboy9,,,I understand this forum is about bike engines and I'll not bring up anything inappropriate on here......G61
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    Well we have a place for that also in the White Zone so dont worry bout a thing.
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!