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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Huntington, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Huntington

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    Odd but strangely appealing. 20mph, 8-speed transmission, 750 watt 1hp motor. a good start but way over priced at $5,500. Given time and political influence... and the increasing need for alternate transportation; a motor exiled of oil mounted on a bicycle is pure money.

    Question to all:

    What is something you expect out of your motorbike?
    What in your opinion is the most important aspect of your motorbike?(ex. Motor, wheels, comfort, speed, looking cool...etc)

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Better looks than that, and a price tag more like a tenth of that.
  3. Huntington

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    yes it is ugly but has great features. The Ugly Motoredbike That Could. A book idea? Maybe.

    The proof of concept is there in a operational model. Simple, clean, functional.

    I was handed this advertisement today. Detailed pic shows many unique features. Some I will have to explore on my own motorbike.
  4. nwguy

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    This frame design looks like it's designed just to be different. For a truly beautiful curved and functional look below. I've always thought this is the most beautiful bike in the world:
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  5. Huntington

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    What I liked was the batters are located inside the frame. I'm not a big fan of the design but the function is solid.

    That bike above looks to be a recumbent, I'm still not sure how I feel about this style.
  6. astring

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    It cost them a LOT of money to design that thing. Overall it is about the most inelegant engineering solution I have seen since this:

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  7. SimpleSimon

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    I just read that article in full. There is nothing new at all there except the frame design, and like whoever the City of Lndon hired to do their Olympics graphics, they oughta be forever barred from possession of design tools. I've seen a better looking velociped from the late eighteenth century.
  8. Happy Valley

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    Economy and fitness.

    Economy not just in fuel but start up costs, licensing, insurance, maintenance.

    Fitness because though older now I still want to peddle for the exercise.

    If I wanted a motorcycle I'd get one.

    For me there's no mission creep, MAB is it.
  9. Huntington

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    All of this motorbike stuff is still new to me. :) I can't say I have seen the battery mounted inside a frame or their seat post concept. If the saddle setup has been done before please shoot me a link, I would like to incorporate that in to my build.
  10. SimpleSimon

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    Well, I read an article about that seat suspension system some while back, didn't keep the link. However, a very quick Google search turned up this:

    Combined shock absorbing seat post and air pump assembly

    There are other systems out there as well. Shock absorbing and adjustable seat mounting systems are about two days younger than bicycles.

    Without examining one of thoser bicycles in detail, I've no clue what provision is made for servicing the batteries and associoated electronics - there are quite a number of different bikes and scooters with the batteries encased in structural frame members - probably most commoin are the moped type e-bikes with the batteries inside the structural frame of the seat and/or floorboards.
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