it's -a-comin'...



ust a quick note to let y'all know that my GEBE kit minus engine is on it's way...
I have a brand new never used Tanaka 40cc pureFire engine that I'l be using, and moun ting it upon my latest acquisition- A cantilever framed Western Flyer Middleweight bicycle. In Red. I was greatly impressed with this set-up when I test rode Augidog's a couple of weeks back, and so I just had to add another style engine kit to the stable... Also, These folks are the greatest to deal with!!! So very friendly and personable that ya' just wanna sit back, kick yer boots up on the porch rail, and chew the fat fer a little steretch while sippin' coffee!!!
Updates to follow as the build progresses...
exciting news, rif...yer gonna luvvit!!! :cool:

of course, yer also gonna make me want the 40cc :p
"....Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live." - Mark Twain
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Dennis said...

Hey Augi,
In talking with Dennis, he said there's not a lot of difference in the top end, but the most gains are felt in the torque of it. He was recounting stories of one of his customers who hillclimbs to elevations of about 5,000 ft. and only has to actually pedal in a couple of places. He's using 14 tooth drive gear with his but in talking with D. we came to the conclusion that the 13 would do me just fine, a good in between gear for around here with that 40cc engine. Personally I would think, considering this, that where you're at it's really not going to find any gains in the way of speed. It's relatively flat there...
reality check :)
In talking with Dennis, he said there's not a lot of difference in the top end, but the most gains are felt in the torque of it.
exactly what he told me. altho i had my choice, i went with the 32 because i was worried about too much torque for a rear wheel that had to push the likes of S-2.1...i pedal a bit more, but i like that motoredbike gives me a better mix of man-'n-machine than anything else i've ever operated :D

Why not carry a 12 tooth with you? Takes about 2 minutes to switch. Just take it easy on the throttle.
cool riff! i think im headed in that direction for the old higgins myself! im just hopeing gebe will come up with a 2 gear jackshaft,2 belt system for these, so we can frame mount em too!
Got the call- it was shipped saturday, so it should be here any day now!!! Also, it Looks like I may be assembling it (and my other projects) in new digs in a few months...;) Keep yer fingers crossed for me. Back to topic, I can't wait to get it together and try it out!!!