Kill switch on a new Honda GHX50

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  1. Lippa

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    Hello everyone,

    Although I have read many posts on kill switch, I can't seem to find the same problem other people had. I called for clarification but they never called me back, so here I am.

    I have a new Honda GHX50 engine that has 3 wires coming off the engine:
    1. a yellow wire with a male terminal (low oil sensor)
    2&3. a black wire with a spin-off, both female ends
    There is no toggle switch already on the engine.

    Then the kit comes with a small "something" the size of a gaming die (die as in singular of dice) with 2 wires approximately 3in long, a yellow terminal female and a black terminal male. Is this part of this kit or should I not worry about it?

    Then the kill switch from the throttle has two wires ending with as a male and a female.

    How do I connect all these wires together????????

    I'm not an electrical engineer, so I'm completely lost and any help to this newbie would be appreciated.
    Thank you
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  2. HoughMade

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  3. Lippa

    Lippa New Member


    that thing come with the kit but not in the engine box, so I wasn’t sure of its purpose.
    This clarifies things a lot: now yellow male from engine and yellow female form switch go together and I guess that black make from switch go into one of the 2 black wires in the engine.
    Then the 2 wires coming from the throttle kill switch go: one in the remaining black of the motor and the other to the ground somewhere in the frame.

    Is this correct now?
    Thanks, David
  4. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    That sounds right, but I ran the ground on a separate wire to the engine block rather than to the frame. Frame works for most people, though.
  5. Lippa

    Lippa New Member

    Can't wait to try it! Thanks, David
  6. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    where do you guys mount the low oil switch? Also Is there a way to disable the low oil sensor? Im having trouble getting my bike started right now and Id like to eliminate variables.
  7. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    low oil sensor?

    I think that most are not using the low oil switch and don't mount it at all. I haven't on any of the bikes I have built. It seems to cause problems (shuts the motor off) when cornering and going over bumps. If you don't wire in the switch to the unit on the bottom of the motor the system is disabled.

  8. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    Sorry Oscully, Just to clarify, to disable the oil sensor/switch I should completely disconnect the switch from the whole set up and just leave it off the bike? So then all I have is the magneto wire and the two kill switch wires?
  9. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    I'll do my best to describe the wiring from my most recent build. There is a unit on the bottom of the crankcase that is part of the low oil system with a yellow wire coming from it, I just stuff this wire under the motor, nothing gets connected to it.(photo #1) Then you have the black wire coming out of the magneto on my motor there were two leads on this wire, you only need one. This black wire gets connected to the Yellow/red wire from the kill switch. the green wire from the kill switch goes to ground. In my case on the front of the crank case. (photo#2) To make the connection I just cut off the leads and added my own crimp on fittings. Its really pretty simple.


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  10. darwin

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    I own both of those motors and bought the best and the most powerful for a under 50cc.
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