L.A. Bus incident reply. came today

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  1. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    This reply came to my mailbox today.
    Retrain the bus drivers. Wow!

    I am responding on behalf of the Metro Bicycle Program. I have attached a letter from Carolyn Flowers (Metro's Chief Operation Officer) addressed to the LA bicycling community about the recent incident with a cyclist and a Metro bus operator. The letter states that Metro will ensure proper bus operation training and education with respect to cyclists. For the bicycling community this is a positive step towards improving the safety of cyclists and how bus drivers should operate.

    Also, we know there is more to improve upon, and so, it is important that we continue to hear from you on all matters to support bicycling in Los Angeles. Thank you for sharing your comments and concerns.


    Anthony Jusay

    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    TDI/ Westside Area Planning Team

    213.922.7675 Tel

    213.922-3060 Fax

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  2. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    This is based on an earlier post that I searched for but could not find about the cops trying to arrest the bicyclist after the bus ran him off the road.
    Augie, I believe gave us this address to send our humble thoughts to and this is what happened.
  3. Alaskavan

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    I believe in "healthy skepticism". I wonder exactly what changes in the training have been implemented. What diciplinary action was taken regarding the driver, etc? I'm also curious about what form reparations to the rider took. As I recall, his bike was knocked down by the bus.
  4. Dockspa1

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    I think he was knocked down by the bus but then, later the cops threw it on to the sidewalk. I wish I could get the facts from him.
  5. Yeah in LA pedestrians and cyclists are treated like garbage, LA has the highest pedestrian & cyclist death & injury rate IN THE COUNTRY. This is not the first time a bicyclist has been hit by a motorist and been arrested for his troubles.