Man, you gotta watch close on EBAY [ fenders ]

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Funny, I use and sell on Ebay a lot (275 feedbacks) and I know from others that the standard concerns are "is it really new ?" ... "Is it broken?" "Is it really a bargain?" and "does it do what it should?" ... but lately an added frustration which honestly can't be pinned down to either seller dishonesty nor buyer failure to know what they are buying is merchandise that should fit the bill but doesn't for unknown reasons. I've purchased several items recently that fit this bill ... the latest was a purchase of 2 Wald chrome fenders front/rear for cruisers/beach tires.

    These things arrived and I thought I had made an excellent ebay deal when I saw they were damned near Whizzer sized, perfect chrome job, double thick bracket supports with beautiful flared tips at each end and all fastening hardware included. How could this go wrong you ask ?

    Well, they were clearly marked for 26" bikes. And my tires at a full 26x2.125 couldn't be considered lagging in the balloon sized department.

    But these fenders have a width and arc radius that could fit OCC'S freekin Black Widow ,,, and I mean the original motorcycle ! ... Luckily te world was blessed with that great American Mr. Dremel or I'd be the proud owner of the worlds only double length of chrome hot wheels racetrack.

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    please turn off the caps in subject line
    it is not needed
    ...better to big (cutable), than too small (just s.o.l.) :lol:
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    hot wheels!? man, me n my brother had 'em all, back when they first started out. we'd take the chrome engines off & use 'em to customize our aurora HO-scale cars. black thread for plug-wires, the works... :D

    's funny how your fender deal was an "error" to the positive side, more or less, but it could have had the same result as receiving an inferior product...i agree that online buying is a skill that has to be developed 8)

    fixed that capslock for ya :wink: , no biggy, please turn it down in the future :p
  4. k , thanks augie

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    i was wondering how those fenders came out...did you make the mods yet?
  6. The new fenders/answer to Augie

    Well, as I mentioned, they are marked 26" but most certainly are at a glance even too big in my opinion for a 28" ... (do they still make those ?)

    See my latest pic of redos and upgrades to "Red Peril" ... I was fooling with them and tipped one into the bobbed position I finally decided on in the pic for the rear wheel. One reason for the cut and bob was that I never liked the logo stickers the way they were applied at the factory. Taking them off actually intensified the 50's look to a point where it looked too much like a collectors renovation, and I was never going for that much retro, just more of a nostalgic 'feel'.

    I'm hesitating on the front fender because of all the work done (see my tech post) on each fender with liquid epoxy and inner strut braces ... now I'll have to do the same to the rear again but the pluses are the new rear Wald is over 3 inches wide, nicer chrome, heavier fender, and better struts even before my stiffening work, with a really nice flare end that was perfect for a bobbed look, and 2 height position holes for higher or lower bob look. I will probably use the front Wald right over top of the current fender thickening and stiffening even more by laminating the 2 together with roughening, then JB Weld.
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    the double layering sounds very doable.

    thanks, i'll be checking in on your other topics now that i know what i'm looking for 8)
  8. The front fender ...

    I should mention too that my other reason to leave the front fender on is because of all the work making double front hangers. look at the upgrade pic close and you can just see theres a hanger front and also rear of the caliper bolt. At 3 inches apart that makes for a super tight fender and the hangers are almost 1/16 of an inch thick. Coupled with the epoxy liner underneath,it really feels as tight as a cycle fender is.