MBc-Member Review: ENM "PT15" Tachometers

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by augidog, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. augidog

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    dang, this thing rocks!
    easy "install" too...

    single-cylinder/2-stroke uses the PT15E2, scroll down to see the choices.


    $30 free shipping, a fully programmable tach is available, too...$50 free shipping. these folks returned my calls and emails promptly, paperwork went smooth, including a printed invoice in the mail. shipping was on time. Made in the USA.

    ask for Bill in sales, let him know we sent ya from MBc :cool:
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  2. cruiser66

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    Hi Augi,

    I bought this last September and I agree with everything you said on your review. This also tracks the running time so it's handy for tracking your maintenance schedules. This is also the same model for the 4 stroke HuaSheng and GXH50 engines. I purchased through Allied Electronics. The unit went dead with less than 10 hours on it this past May. ENM would not honor the one year warranty and said I would have to go through Allied. Allied thought this was unsual since they have a 30 day return period and then the manufacturer usually handles it from there. I returned the unit to Allied with a prepaid return authorization. I have been waiting since May 20 for a resolution and have not received an answer. I am not happy with the way ENM handled my situation...:-x

  3. augidog

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    ok, then...i was gonna link bill to this anyway, he might as well see what's up...thanks for the input.
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  4. cruiser66

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    Thanks Augi,

    I'll let you know what the outcome is. Appreciate your help.:smile:

  5. augidog

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    e-mail from ENM

    organized consumerism rocks!!
  6. cruiser66

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    ENM PT15 replacement

    The contact info provided by Augi worked and I received my replacement just before the 4th. Overnighted from Texas in less than 22 hours. I feel confident that it will work reliably when I reinstall. I feel that this is a necessary item especially for kits with centrifugal clutches. By monitoring your engine rpms versus your bike speed, you can tell if the clutch is slipping and by how much. Thanks again, Augi.