Carby Mikuni VM-20 Idle absolutely sucks!

Wow! Really hard to find B8HS NGK's around here. Where do you guys get them? I have a Autolite 4092 in there right now which is the equivalent. No problems yet but for longevity "NGK". I think I'm ready to let it go to someone that would NEVER be able to purchase all these parts. The price I paid for the bike & then all the upgraded clutch parts and zero profit I think $2,000 is totally fair. It has NO miles to speak of and not even sure if it's totally broke in yet. Lifting the back wheel off the ground trying to kick start its a bear. Approximately 13.8:1! I'm running VP sef 40:1 & even though it's 94 octane I measure up VP octane booster to get it around 99/100 octane. This eng has never had poop fuel in it. If ya read back you'll get a pretty good idea of what this bike is all about. It freakin screams for a 77cc. I wouldn't for 1 second be afraid of a 100cc with 1 gear. I know I came off in previous post that run what ya brung & I'll stick to that. Everything has been done. Squish in 4 locations, piston to wall clearance, ring end gap, balance on the 43mm stroker crank, polished piston top & the list goes on. Parting out would net more. $2000 ?
Ya know most of the people on here can't afford to buy that bike, or can't drive to pick it up. Alot of us are building these bikes as a comparatively cheap mode of transportation. You'll have better luck on some Facebook groups.
And hey, this was my only thread here and it's NOT been posted on the classifieds yet. It's not on fb mp or Craigslist or eBay yet. So if you're possibly interested hit me up & paint it you're color and call it your build. I'm not a regular and I only do this kind of stuff for the well being of animals. S.P.C.A.
It's what I it forward for the best cause. All of you with pets please listen. They need us. They don't have thumbs & they can't tell you what's wrong. If I can use my mechanical experience to help them, that's what I'll do. The best crossover ever.
I don't want to run around asking for donations & trying to help peoples pets that have cancer or even an emergency vet visit cam be overwhelming. Everyone has a pet and they deserve to have an option. Care health credit...what if you credit sucks?
Do ya wanna put down your family member because your broke? They have feelings, the love, they look at you like a God. They have individual personality. That's all I'll say now & let it go.
This bike is at $4k in parts alone! NO labor. Anyone that wants a parts list and would possibly pay 50% of parts alone and SPANK ANY motorized bicycle they come across...this is your bike. Any nah sayers can bring it.
Yeah, I'm that confident.
Woah, I wasn't trying to discredit you, I was trying to help ya out 'cus most of us likely can't afford it and those who can likely have a setup that works good for them and don't really want a new bike.