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    Hi all. Chris C. here from Danbury.

    I am totally enamored with board track racers, and my goal is to 2 or 3 in this style. Obviously, I've got questions. I found the posts with oldude and his frame jig, so that helped immensely. But parts sources always seem to elude me.

    Where can I find skip tooth sprockets? Also, while the Chinese 49 and 80cc motors are good, I'm looking for something more authentic. There are early B&S single cylinder engines with outside valve gear, but o one in my neck of the woods ever has them, or they think they should be auctioned at Christies.



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    welcome to the site Chris
    there are a couple threads about that style bike so I'm sure you'll find plenty of info
    dig in a read read read
    that's the best advice I can give