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    Hello to all,

    Have enjoyed reading for several months. I'm 68 yrs. old, bum heart, but love bikes.
    Currently have a Bladze sit-on scooter and an Izip Hg1000 heavy, clunky electric mo-ped. I live among hills in Bellingham, WA. with lots of bike lanes, paths and trails and wet weather (rough on electrics). My main interest is pedal assist bikes for exercise, eco(nomical and logical) transport and fun. I'm very interested
    in ways to get politicians and bureaucrats to put their actions where their rhetoric (ecology, energy savings, etc.) is by removing restrictions to low-powered bicycles' use of paths, trails and even sidewalks. If they opened up everything to Segway's, why not?
    This is a great forum with very interesting and diverse interests, skills and imagination. I hope to keep learning from you all.

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    welcome to the forums
    I just found 'em the other day and feel this convo should be the other way around;-)
    good luck with the politicians and hope you have tons of fun on a motored bike
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    hi; hello from north bend. great resource here. nice group. if you look in members list to see where we are from. we are asked to insert our home towns but we must have a lot members in wittness protection programs or just embarresed of their community. either way they dont follow this simple rule. mitch
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    Firstly, I'd love to hear yours or anybody else's ideas of getting politicians to budge for the common man.

    However, I'd just like to point out that I'm against motored bikes on nature trails, because that's supposed to be a quiet place. Even electric bikes have a bit of a whine to it that would startle the wildlife & other folks in the vicinity. Anywhere else, tho -- sidewalks, bike paths, roads, etc. -- is fair game, IMO.
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    i say...gas the 2-hundred miles to the campground...electrify the 10 miles to the preserve...pedal thru the preserve...reverse...rinse...repeat...go home & post all about it it "traveling"...

    what's that? 3 gallons if there's hills...2 gallons if you like to pedal.

    however...let's say enuff taxpaying commuters wanted some portion of the interstate highway system designated AT (alternative transportation) or some other corny name, imagine how much fun the beltway would be every morning & every evening. vote-grubbing politicians can be used if we use the right keywords. everything starts somewhere.

    there's a new MBc-"social group" called PNW-Riders...& check out "let's ride" for more pnw info.

    welcome aboard :cool:
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