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  1. I've ordered this and will be reporting back soon. Note the dry clutch wet chain drive set up. They say it's quiet and more reliable.

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  2. I'm guessing it is similar to pocket bike ones like these.

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    What motor are you planning to mount this to? If either the Honda GXH50 or clone available here in the US, do you anticapte the need of an additional adapter to fit it up to your motor?

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    That looks like a good start, But looking at the picture the drive sprocket shaft looks way too long and would bend or snap right quick. A cone shaped casting with a bearing on the end would have been nice, But again its a picture and I have not seen it nor have I used one. BTW where did you come across that?
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  6. Ocscully, it mounts right up to the clone (huasheng).

    biketec, that's my main concern, however there is a bearing on both sides of the gear so we'll see.

    I want to see if it's worth a "hoot" before I divulge too much; if it's good there are better sources than where I'm gettin' it. I'll have it in a week and I should be able to give an initial report in a couple weeks.
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    Dry clutch wet chain drive.......GREAT....hope it works & works properly.
  8. That's great news to hear that there is a gearbox like that available. I hate the noise mine produces. Let us know the test results and info on where to get it ASAP.
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    Biketec is right- the shaft sticks out too far without support and it will rip itself to bits by day three. Mind you the freewheel sprocket looks like it hasn't been driven home fully onto the shaft so the distance may be a bit less but when it comes to the Hoot designers I think some people may be endowing them with an anticipated level of engineering intelligence that they almost certainly haven't got. Don't forget this gearbox is out of the Hoot stable guys - when someone escapes from the Hoot design laboratory and defects to the west I very much doubt that the Chinese authorities are in any way concerned. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a Chinese secret service plot to get their Hoot engineers to defect and work for NASA.
    My Hoot gearbox has never been used because I've had trouble finding a test pilot willing to give it a go. I was going to ask Ray Charles to try it out but sadly he passed away before I could ask him.
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    I'm having a hard time understanding this. Is there a gear reduction before the smaller chain sprocket? If so, fine. If not, I don't see how this would be enough reduction. I can't count the teeth, but it looks like abou 2:1. Needs to be almost double that.
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    I believe the reduction in the primary chain drive is in the 3:1 area. With the 12t driver on the outside of the box its going to take a 72t or larger to get the necessary reduction. I also believe that once Fire actually gets one in his hands he is going to find that it is not a direct bolt up to the Honda or the Huaseng Clone that is currently sold here in the states. It will be a direct bolt up to a motor configured like the Titan offered by Dax or the Huaseng currently being sold by Power Cycle in Austraila. Look at the photos of the left/clutch side of the motor shown to see the configuration needed to make this reduction box a direct bolt up.

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    HoughMade, how can you count the teeth when the pics only show the outside of the GB and the inside pics shown were of a pocket bike GB?
    Also what happens when the chains stretch?
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    I can't- but at the beginning of this post, there is a pic showing the inside- enough to get an idea of dimension, but not enough to count teeth.
  15. The box I ordered I do not know the reduction of. The box shown open is likely the 3:1 commonly seen in the pocket bikes. The one that I bought is from the same source I got my hoot kit from and it comes w/ their kits now. The shaft sticks out more because the box is thinner, There is 2 bearings on that shaft w/ a gear inbetween.

    I should have it w/in a couple of days and the bike completely refurbished w/in a week and we shall see.

    It could be a complete waist of $ or it could be the fix for our gb woes, but I figured that I would wait to say where I got it 'til I tried it myself. Many people probably know where I got it, it's no secret, I just don't "advertise" stuff I haven't tried.
  16. Well, I got it yesterday and it came w/ a crack in the cover. The bolt hole pattern is correct but the clutch drum is smaller and they didn't send me the smaller clutch shoes. The reduction is 3:1 and the single row chain is tiny (1/4" pitch).
    It is certainly adaptable to mount up but the gearing seems all wrong to work. They put a larger (12 tooth) drive sprocket on a lower reduction gear box.
    My optimism (on this box) has faded. I'll be getting a refund. However the original hoot I have might possibly be made to be reliable. I pulled it apart and it seems to me that the problems mainly lay in the alignment and freeplay (slop) areas. Proper assembly and shims could cure a lot of the woes of this box.

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    Detail Photos?

    Any chance of seeing detailed photos of the box inside and out, before you have to send it back

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    3rd generation GB......WTF.
    Please post internal pics & thanks FireBelly for the honesty.

    BTW,who was the vendor that sent u a cracked BG with no shoes?
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    I purchased one of these same "transmissions" from an eBay vendor and got it last Friday. My impressions of it are similar to yours. It will mount up to my Subaru and also my Honda GX31, and although I haven't accurately measured it, the drum seems to be the correct size. (Unfortunately the clutch drum on mine has over 1/16" of run out, so I'll have to deal with the seller on this - so no fun here either.)

    I think there may be some potential for your application with a similar transmission though. Someone posted a picture this other transmission earlier in this thread. This other one appears to use two separate chains in tandem and is a bit shorter overall. These transmissions are available from several eBay vendors and can be identified by their having a cover bolt pattern with one bolt on the very rear of the case.

    Mounting the sprocket on such a long unsupported shaft would still be certain to be a problem though. You could probably design a support bearing out near the sprocket that would solve this issue. (Perhaps mounting the bearing on a plate that was bolted to the engine somehow?)

    Anyway, in your case of buying a "bicycle engine kit", the kit should have been completely designed and tested by the "manufacturer/vendor" before offering it sale - which it obviously wasn't. Selling something like this that has obviously just been thrown together and offered for sale as a workable kit reflects VERY poorly on their general business integrity.

    Don't get me started...!


    A general description of this "transmission":

    This unit uses a single #25 chain with a 9 tooth clutch shaft sprocket and a 27 tooth output shaft sprocket. The chain has a fair bit of slop and there is no way to adjust it (although you could perhaps make an adjustable slipper if you needed to). The output shaft is supported with two bearings - one 6201 and one 6000 with about 1/2" between them on the inside. The output shaft appears to be simply pressed into the hub of the sprocket with no key or splines. The housing is rather lightweight. All of the bearings are loose in their bores and with lots of side play. The case is not sealed in any way.

    In summery, this transmission is a medeocre, light duty, grease lubed only, 1:3 reduction chain drive inside a case.
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  20. I am working with a Chinese factory and will be getting the New Spiral geared Hoot figure 8 gearboxed Kit with this shipment from China to test and to possibly do and order of them. Ill let you know.This Distributer also has the Stell Sleeved( as an option I have posted it in the General or look in my postings. But this new spiral geared Hoot is the Quiet one.