New to motobikes... first build X2 coming soon. Need help... Details inside. Ty!

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    So my brother and I have toyed with the idea of ditching the way of the car for a while now and going with motobikes. The time is upon us and we have decided to get Huffy Cruisers soon. My main concern is the motor kits (We'd prefer a nice kit vs. a shopping list to Harbor Freight)... my brother is shy of 300 lbs and I sit about 260. But I've also been reading that not all motors are very good. Q1: What would be a good motor under 100-150 that might haul us uphill? Q2: Are Wally world bikes ok for a first time project? Q3: Can you or should you get an electric starter, or a motor with electric start? (All information is welcome even if not directly correlating, but please try not to stray far. TY)
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    Ahh yes... I forgot. Though we have decided on 2 differing models of cruiser (both huffy) the kits and all will be equal to avoid sibling rivalry. So best go with 300 to 325 lbs (camping gear, etc.) as the weight... TY again.

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    So it would need to be a 2 stroke if I'm not mistaken in order to prevent the need for a hard throttle and to maintain hill climbs?
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    at the point at which you mention electric start on bikes that usually have no battery - it becomes clear that you really need to read several threads here for the different kinds of setups that are commonly used

    once you are more familiar with what these bikes are and are not, you'll be able to make a better decision
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    Most of the Huffy cruisers you mentioned are top rated for 250lbs....
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    At your weights, your requirements for uphill pulling power, and the desire for an electric starter all point to one thing, in my humble opinion:

    You guys need motorcycles, or scooters at least. You obviously don't have the desire to pedal at all, let alone pull-start an engine.

    Cheap Walmart bicycles will take work, and they likely won't be up to the job for very long. Just my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.

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    Since the opinion was seconded... I will look at some other bikes and check weight on the bikes looked at. As for your comment about pedaling... I already ride a bike 12+ miles every couple days and walk 6+ miles on other days. In no way is the idea for these projects out of laziness.

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    I was asking about the electric start because I have seen a few kits with them as options and I found a high HP, 2-stroke Briggs motor with an electric start for a decent price... so it was out of curiosity. Didn't mean to sound crass on last comment if it came out that way.

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    Also motorcycles/scooters are not an option at our price range... also since I do not have a license the motorized bicycle is a risk since laws in our state are unclear... but a risk I'm willing to take as electric bike wheels are distasteful and expensive. (imo)