Nexus SG-7R40 7 speed hub

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by elbruceo, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. elbruceo

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    Has anyone overhauled the right/drive side of the Nexus SC-7R40 7 speed Hub? or know anything about this side specifically the springs and how to wind them correctly? any detailed drawings or instructions? I have been to the shimano site but could not find the info I need.

  2. Breuklen

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    , When I serviced mine I left the unit together after removing it from the right side. I cleaned it out with spirits and compressed air careful not to let anything fall out. I relubed it with the shimano grease. If you dont it wont shift right. But if your talking about the spring for the shift mech. I believe its wound to the left or counter clockwise. Im not 100% sure cause its been a while. How dose yours work with your engine
  3. elbruceo

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    I contacted shimano a few times and finally got a tech that knew more then the others and was willing to help he said i would never get it back together with out a special jig so he gave me one from there NOS pile (COOL) luckly there bike parts warehouse is only 10 miles away. Have not got bike altogether yet tring to biuld my own jack shaft. I get 2 steps foeward then find a problem and go 3 steps back. I have other motorbikes but not using the Nexus hub on them.