NGK B6HS spark plug cross reference chart

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  1. cobrafreak

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    I found this on the web. Enjoy. These are all the plugs that can be swapped with an NGK B6HS plug for a china girl engine.

    NGK STK: 7534
    Accel: 156
    AC Delco: R44F
    Autolite: 2655
    Beck Arnley: 176-5031
    Bosch P/N: W7AC
    Bosch STK: 7596
    Champion P/N: L82C
    Champion STK: 811
    Denso P/N: W20FS-U
    Denso STK: 3073
    GM OEM NR: 5613525
    Mighty: M4E4
    Motorcraft P/N: AES4C
    Motorcraft STK: 41
    Napa: X531
    Prestolite: 1,40E+004
    Splitfire: SF409C
    Valley Forge: 134

  2. wackey101

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    thnx but out of all of them the ngk b5hs works the best for me
  3. Dave C

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    I'd be interested on where you found the chart. I need a B9HS equivelent for my Hi-compression Puch head.

    I've looked and got confusing results :p
  4. cobrafreak

    cobrafreak New Member

    Here is a cross reference for a B9HS.
    BH9S can be swapped out with:

    NGK STK: 5810
    Accel: 156
    AC Delco: M40FFX
    Autolite: 411
    Bosch P/N: W3AC
    Bosch STK: 7528
    Champion P/N: L78C
    Champion STK: 807
    Denso P/N: W24FS-U
    Denso STK: 4038
    GM OEM NR: 5613574
    Motorcraft P/N: AE091
    Motorcraft STK: 132
    Prestolite: 1,40E+002
    Splitfire: SF409B
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  5. cobrafreak

    cobrafreak New Member

    Here is a cross reference for b5hs plugs:

    NGK STK: 4210
    Accel: 156
    AC Delco: 45F
    Autolite: 2656
    Champion P/N: L90C
    Champion STK: 896
    Denso P/N: W16FS-U
    Denso STK: 3034
    GM OEM NR: 5612095
    Prestolite: 1,40E+004
    Valley Forge: 134
  6. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Thanks much for the list. I love ACCEL plugs so guess what I'm getting? ;)

    ...ummm, ACCEL lists the same number for B5HS and B9HS? :confused:
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  7. cobrafreak

    cobrafreak New Member

    The plugs must be so close in specs to each other that the plug reference
    books' author must have deemed them acceptable. An interesting tidbit, the b5hs is noted as a marine plug while the other were not. Interesting.
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  8. Dave C

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    It looks like ALL the ACCEL cross reference show a 156 as replacement for EVERYTHING. Not possible. Heat ranges are needed. You run a hot plug when you need a cold one and you get ping.

    Oh, well. I like Champion, too.