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  1. mikerockwell1975

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    Hello all! So let's see. Short story... I'm a recumbent guy building a velombile from Bike-E parts at the moment (anyone have a spare Nuvinci hub for sale?) to go on a solo cross-country fund-raiser trip for my church. We have a church in Zimbabwe that takes care of AIDS orphans and I want to help.

    Also, my recycled aluminum guy (doesn't everyone have one of those? lol) gave me **180** feet!!! of aluminum tubing in exchange for some soap I sell at Zep, Mfg. sooo I plan on making a powered recumbent trike! I'm sure I will be bugging you all with questions like "where do I get those small ball-joints?" soon enough. Anyway, pics will be coming soon. Thanks for having me! :-D

    Michael Rockwell

  2. Welcome Michael. Where in Florida?
  3. mikerockwell1975

    mikerockwell1975 New Member

    Sorry, I'm in Jacksonville... I see you're a little south of me in the Treasure Coast. Port St. Lucie maybe?
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    Hello Mike and welcome aboard.

    Are you thinking of building a trike out of some aluminum tubing? That would be interesting. you'd just have to post pics :)
  5. mikerockwell1975

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    Well, here's the first pic...

    It doesn't resemble a trike quite yet, lol! As you can see, I have several different sizes, which is perfect. The main beam is approx 2x2 1/2", 1/8" thick. Perfect for my trike! The smaller stuff is just what I need for connecting the ball joints in the rear. Its going to be a traditional front trike, but with a tilting body to really carve into the turns. I hope I can get the dimensions right. If anyone knows of a good website or calculator...anything that might help, please let me know!

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  6. Sebastian. Look forward to seeing your build take shape....
  7. Big Blue

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    Welcome, glad your joining us !
  8. mikerockwell1975

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    Thanks! I'm excited to be here!
  9. pumpbuilder

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    My Bike is still not just "parts" but if you have a full suspension frame laying about ...... I could use one of those.
  10. mikerockwell1975

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    Full-Suspension Bike-E frams are hard to find...

    I have an AT frame (rear-suspension) that I will eventually sell if I can get an RX or FX (I think those are the right designations) full-suspension frame. I would MUCH prefer it, not necessarily for the shocks, but for the jack-drive setup. In fact, if anyone knows where to get one for a Bike-E, please contact me, thanks!