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    ive arsked local police and got differnt answers 1 said not aloud full stop and marickville head cop says 30cc and under ok but newtown cops seen me riden my 49cc cag motor on dual suspenshion diamond back mission and pulled me up and it was loud as said qietn it up where a helment and thay will drive by so ive tryied to find out no luck any1 no out there cops dont tar

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    49cc and below is ok . not allowed on any footpath . sydney here aswell
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    the RTA is the place to check up on these things, for the real details, which can be printed out, laminated, and stored on the bike for rubbing in the faces of ignorant pigs.

    as far as im aware, last time i checked...

    no max speed limit anymore (used to be 30km)

    no max capacity (used to be 30cc)

    still retain the 200 watt max output.

    bicycle has to be designed solely for human power, motor is merely an "assist"

    by this reasoning, if you can restrict a 350V8 down to 200 watts, and mount it to something that can be ridden without the motor...perfectly legal :)

    scooters are a no no.

    and like every other vehicle on the road, be it a b-double, old-lady-walking or a 10-horse-wagon...you have to obey the road rules (unlike the junkie twit on highway patrol the other week with no helmet, wrong side of the road, a known dealer, carrying large quantities of illegal substances... giving us all a bad name!)

    its because of all these sorts of idiots that the laws are so...grey, and definitely unfair.

    write to your local member of parliment... once again, there are idiots out there that constantly send letters to politicians....thats why we have so many stupid laws. stop being complacent! send a letter or ten yourself! they dont know youre annoyed unless you TELL them!

    ok, end rant! :jester:
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    on closer inspection i may have wasted my time saying anything at all :thinking:
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    i thought 49cc petrol was the limit . electric bike 200 watts
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    dont ask me, ask the RTA. they have all the information regards types of vehicles. im just saying what i recall seeing when i looked. a long time ago.
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    its all cool brothers lol . rta dont really know . they just make it up as they go
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    Might be abit late to this thread ... the limit is 200w output, that goes for electric as well as petrol engines... so that would mean a pretty small petrol engine but that being said I have been pulled up by cops a few time but they have never said anything, I think as long as its not a **** build and you dont ride like an idiot they don't bother you .... the last time a cop saw me he was even giving me advice on how to make it go faster
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    There's no recognized petrol engine kit in existence that is 200w except the sachs kits. Every non governed petrol engine will produce well in excess of 200w.

    If you are riding the 49/66cc you are always at risk of being dinged.
  10. Fabian

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    The problem with this whole issue isn't the 'law'. It's the "interpretation of the law" that gives police the ability to hand out a ticket.
    One of my friends is a police officer and his comment was: I can give you a ticket for anything, even for looking at me the wrong way - it's up to you to spend your time and your money taking the matter to court to prove my actions unlawful, and even if proved wrong, i'll get you next time by following you around till you screw up.

    Just because your bike is 100% legal, it won't save you; the police officer can still hand out a ticket that may have in some way and "in their opinion" infringed on a law, even if it's an adjacent law, but could be connected to their perceptions of the infringement.

    Being 100% legal won't save your a.r.s.e if a police officer want to put you in the clink.
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    Hi Troops,
    The law here in South Australia is very clear 'No more than 200 watts output petrol or electric'. I got chatted whilest on my 50cc RS bike and was told that even though I was doing all the right things (safety wise and not riding like a moron),that my bike would be over 200 watts of output as it is powered by a petrol motor. These coppers were very polite and let me go as long as I didn't use the motor. Despite alot of people here thinking that the police come from a different planet, they do know that if your motor can propel you along the road or up a hill without you pedaling it is well over 200 watts. We all know this as well, so if you get nabbed and they take your bike, just suck it up!!!
    A friend of mine does the dyno testing for the SA Police and he has yet to come across a motored bicycle with a petrol motor that will give Any Usefull performance at 200 watts.

    Cheers BJ
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    It says 200watt which is what i have from rocksoildengines. I was still fined yesterday for failure to produce driver's license and unregistered vehicle.. I don't know if they changed the law overnight or what but they're cracking down on motorised bikes something serious in NSW.
  13. Fabian

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    Even if the bicycle engine was 10 watts and you had the paperwork to prove it, the police officer could still give you a fine/ticket, because unless you contest the matter and win, the situation goes no further. Either way, the police officer does not face any penalty if you win.

    A friend of mine who is a police officer said, when questioning him on the law regarding motorized bicycles: i don't care, it doesn't make any difference to me if the person wins or not, and even if they win in court, i'll just follow them around and bust their a.r.s.e. sometime later; handing out every ticket in the book.
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    where abouts are you bro ? city
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    wow . what if the rider is disqualified licence . you be looking at jail . very harsh
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    The charge for riding a motorized bicycle in Australia are almost equivalent to being charged with manslaughter - jail time for both if you're disqualified with previous history.
    It's not just harsh - it's completely idiotic, considering we are talking about a bicycle with no harm being committed against anyone else.
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    i keep seeing these petrol motor scooters . on the footpaths. roads . trains . highly dangerous . legally only on private property . very dangerous
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    Now hear this: i have just found out from a friend of mine (who is a Victorian Police Officer) that the Victorian motorized bicycle laws have changed: police in Victoria no longer need to "prove" that the engine is 200 watts or less. If the police officer "thinks" that the bicycle engine may be more than 200 watts, regardless if it has a manufacturers sticker or compliance plate, he can issue an infringement notice, and it is up to the owner to "prove" to the police and VicRoads that the engine is 200 watts or less, and they want full documentation from the person conducting the test.

    This means we are completely screwed in Victoria, because the police can issue a ticket to "any" motorized bicycle, regardless if it has a manufacturers compliance plate of 200 watts.