October Alabama meet in the Free State of Winston

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    It took like forever to get some Alabama folks on board, and now we have enough to get a rally started.

    Jack, with the Whizzer below (he has 2) bought a GEBE setup last year and dropped 35 pounds, and is about to put the Whizzer up for "collectors purposes". He has a fleet of bikes, and a fleet of vegetable oil vehicles. When I got out there last week and tried the Whizzer, I mentioned Lynn's sidecar in Decatur and a possible rally.

    Then Tom Bartlett starts posting what looks like is going to be another "collection"... I called the owner of the Indian Paint ZipCycle this morning with Tom's info, and he is UP for a rally too.

    Let's think October, kind of stay ToBeAnnounced on the date, till Lynn's firefighter/soccer calender gets concreted.

    Anybody got a seining net? We'll clean out a brother-in-law's pond and have a fish fry !!!

    Seriously, leaves changing, Bankhead Forest and Natural Bridge....

    By then my two Workman/Staton trikes should be completed and invited, I'll bring a couple of GEBE/Suns, and we have enough time to contact others, including the Daily Mountain Eagle and that Winston County paper...

    Whatcha think? Only thing in the way is Addison football I think, Holly Pond ain't got a team !

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    Pic one is a Map, and if we can get some Amigos to do the "slow" bar-b-queing, I'll donate some Pic two cabritos for Supper !

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    Here's a quickie heads up...

    Eva AL has FrontierDays this Saturday- Sept 29. Parade is at 11, we plan to congregate at 10.

    Jack came by, he's maybe bringing both his Whizzers and his pocketrocket/supersprocket chain drive, which he claims will outrun a Whizzer.

    And I called two guys in Baileyton, who have looked at the forum and have Happy Time setups. Maybe some of the GEBE's I've sold in that neck of the woods will show up too.

    We can try out each others rides, compare notes, get further ideas.

    I'm either bringing Greygeezer or Rocinante, according to how the day looks, and if I bring Greygeezer, I'll probably tackle one of those two huge hills (GumPond or Florette Rd), see how the T-33 handles it with trail gear. Either one is steep as any I've come across.
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    A few of us met last year for Eva Frontier days, this year we are going to try and triple our participation. Jack has 4 different types of bikes that are rideable, so he's gathering up relatives to show off his stretch cruiser that hits 52+ mph, 2 Whizzers, electric scooters....I went by his place yesterday and there are 30 bike frames in various states of development.

    By September he may have his Happy Time transmission ready to show off.

    While the antique tractors line up on the far end of town, we just buzz up and down the road having our own free-wheeling parades.