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    Now ,got a slow start it's a 1939 ZEP original frame my best guess, hardware fabrication to secure 26''x 1.75 stainless spoke set w/3 speed& 26'' 2.30 Continentals and brake Nexus front to follow as well Trek suspension fork. 66 cc and Lucas #2 w/ natural diamond epoxied pressure plate "WET CLUTCH" jackshaft, performance carb, small expansion chamber and 4 lire fuel reserve. Completion estimated in two weeks. Yeah vocals OK L.A. original studio recording artist featured with Doors Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones The Who. original studio recording arts and entertainment also Invader Zim ,Cow and Chicken District 9 etc. just to note some of the time passed in 5 .6 decades OK ? Good that's it for now turn it up or turn it off man enjoy..

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    Need I continue who's insisting please ?
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    MMM okey dokey, you post some interesting posts. Welcome to the forum.