On The Road Again!

Local time
6:51 AM
Aug 11, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Bolted up a fresh DAX on my 'Wing-Ding' this afternoon and I'm back in action.

This follows my last engine eating the ring gear, caused, I believe from improper clutch adjustment, leaving the ring gear only partially engaged with the pinion. Also, I didn't know that you should apply a little grease to that area.

Anyway.... it feels good to have my Wing Ding back. I just wish gas would go back up to 4.25 a gallon, so I could wear that disgustingly smug grin on my face.
hey mr. haney, glad ya got her goin again, say hi to mr. drucker next time your at the general store there in hooterville for me! now ride that baby!
Hey, I'm glad it worked out for you. You had to buy a new engine, huh?

Still, they're inexpensive enough that that's not a huge problem.

One of the advantages of the HT.