Performance Engine Bearings ??

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    HI: All was wondering anybody know where,to get best bearings for 66/80
    engines not the so called imported one on most of the kit selling sites I
    mean some real good mabe ceramic if not to expensive?? Also i dont have
    a micrometer yet just a plastic cheapo dose not measure what i need!!
    Can someone please tell me the exact sizes of main & counter shaft bearings
    Iner & outer diameters? where to get some super quality bearings???:bowdown: I would be exstatic!!!:tt1: Im going to port &
    polish rest of motor transfer ports etc! new gaskets line up bearings exactly
    exactly with two halfs of block!! there is a guy tells how to do really easy
    just takes time patience ! elbo grease:idea: he reminded me of old trick!!
    makes alot of difference a few small things add up quikly makes everthing
    silky smooooth!! YEPERRSS THANK YOU !!! IF ANYONE CAN HELP?

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    I don't have one of those engines to look at myself, but anyway-

    ......the engines are almost certainly made with metric measurements, and the bearings are probably standard sizes. Most metric bearings are made on the even-mm so measuring them is usually pretty easy even with just a ruler. For example: they will either be 15mm or 16mm O.D., but aren't very likely to be 15.75mm O.D.

    ......if you are in the USA, you can get bearings online. Bocabearings and VXB are two places, but most of what they have is generic Chinese (they do have ceramics though). eBay is a good place to check, very often you can find name-brand bearings on there for less than what other places sell generics for. terms of quality from lowest to highest, they are carbon steel, stainless, hybrid and ceramic. The black ceramics are usually better than the white ceramics.

    Most bearings will have an ABEC rating It is a rating for mechanical fit and play, it doesn't cover everything but it is a decent guideline. A higher ABEC rating is better--try to get ABEC 9's if you can.

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    An engine is only going to be as good as the weakest part of it.
    Notoriously the majority of failures in these"toy"engines is going to be the
    bottom end connecting rod bearings or the wrist pin bearings.
    They have a tendency to self-destruct long before the main crank bearings.
    This is due to the sloppy tolerances manufactured into the bottom and top end.
    The crankshafts are out of true and not well engineered to be balanced running under high rpm's either.
    Your efforts are better spent looking for better upper and lower caged needle bearings for the con. rod.
    They are the loosiest goosiest hunks of doo doo in the engine.
    I wish I could steer you in the right direction where to get some decent upgraded ones, but I don't know of any...


    PUTT'IN'PTOWN New Member

    HEY : Someone actually answered!! THANKS ALOT GUYS!!! i apreceiate
    your info!! I saw that boca bearing place & was wondering if i could cross
    referance some bearings probably can the ceramic one sound like the way if
    there not 60$ apeace yeh about the rod bearings I have not yet took
    my motor down that far yet!! goin to definetly do the piston mod take off
    1/4 inch where it bloks intake!! already did intake & exahst wow i did not
    beleave the diff At first i thought i srewed it up cuase it was not starting
    the first time it turned out it was the coili took it out and kleened & put back
    and the blue wire got almost severed so i all most had to take the bus
    home but i fugured it out All why i was on the road i allways cary all tools
    with me & a pump thank god for that i was able to just twist a loop
    around the soldered part and get me home boy when i rewired it
    man the differance was incredible!!! Just did a carburator mod hope it
    works!! i drill out a hole that was pluged up from factory!! dont know what
    it will do if nothing can allways cover up!!

    thank you Kindly Ride em fast
    Stay safe!:D:grin5:!!! Puttin