PNW-Riders Winter Blast



49deg, crystal clear sky, no wind, very little traffic...6 MotoredBikers!!

Quay', 'Cruzin, Wavy', non-members Don & Ray, me...4 Happy-Times, a Whizzer, & a Titan :)

what a total hoot...more later as people check in :cool:

Dee's Place

The "Best MotoredBiking Anywhere"...headin' up to Ledbetter Point

Back home down rt 103

it was :cool: :cool: !!
winter blast!

ok heres the deal i just got a new motor & kit & im trying to get it dialed in for the blast! so i had old carb on & i switched to new carb but it just kept dumping fuel no matter how hard i tapped on it with a sledge hammer so i switched back to other carb ,i was up late in a lather doin that, come to find out the new float in new carb had a hole in it & was full of gas & sunk! sheesh! so i get up for the blast & head to dons for the meet, we run up to deeanns & don spots a missing axle bolt on the old higgins, so we fix it there with what we could find & say our farewells to the matriarch of motoredbiking deeann - long story behind that! & continued on our journey around the longbeach peninsula but were on a time limit as lilly had to get to work. it was a blast! & we headed back to town & everybody split & went there seperate ways & augie came over to my place to point out that i had not readjusted throttle play & was running 3/4 throttle or less! what a dork! it was just like a new bike with all the extra zip, so i go home to apease the wife & take her shopping ect. then i hurry home to take the bike for another run before we run out of daylight, & i run into don again uptown , seems he cant stop either! we must have put 50 or so miles on today! god these things are addicting! we got a few more people motorizeing next month & another of dons friends couldnt make it today, & theres others around town we need to get hooked up with us. this thing called motoredbikes is growing like crazy! what a blast!!


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:cool::cool: wow what can i say to cool six,six I say one of the best rides yet it's cool to have all are bro's motorized and theres room for a lot more, more riders and more rides for sure:cool::cool:
yea baby!!!

It was very cool...i would have ridden all day if not for off until thursday! no one else is though:???:
can't wait to see 100 of us in august...we might need to hire police escort because cars do get somewhat in patient with us...only a few yesterday. had so much fun...
need to get a rear wheel soon so my bike can be made...thanks auggie for the frame and stuff...t'ill the next time!:D:D:D
Can we offically call you all the Ocean Park 6 Pack? Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing and for conditioning the locals for the gathering of the masses in August.
I can't wait to ride there this summer; such a beautiful place and amazing scenery. Thanks for sharing the pics!!